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For years, the Rambouillet has been know as the profit "Cornerstone" of the U.S. Sheep Industry.

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 Fleece General Appearance & Condition – Attractive, bright, uniform, dense fleece of high yielding, long staple, fine wool. Cream to white in color. Free from objectionable fibers. Bright and healthy pink skin. Forehead covered, but not wooled sufficiently around eyes to obstruct vision.  Length of staple – Sheep in good condition should produce a minimum of 4 ½ inches for 12 months of growth.  Density – The fleece should be as dense as possible (Maximum number of fibers per square inch of body surface.) Belly well covered and minimum bare areas in the flanks and armpits. Density, staple length, and body surface largely determines amount of clean wool. A large amount of skin exposed when fleece is parted indicated a lack of density.  Fineness & Character – Should be uniform in grade over body. Well defined, uniform, sharp crimp from base to top and uniform over whole body. Bulky, soft, and pliable to the touch also sound throughout. Free of kinks and objectionable fibers.   Rams – grade: 60’s – 64’s Ewes – grade: 64’s – 70

Reasons for raising Rambouillets

RAMBOUILLET SHEEP Big, hardy and vigorous; Great adaptability to hot and cold climates, and a variety of forage conditions;Will travel long distances to forage; Good gains on grass; Excellent foundation on a crossbreeding program;Ewes are prolific; Good milkers with strong maternal instinct; Excellent wool production; Superior out-of-season breeders suitable for an accelerated lambing program; Known as the "Dual Purpose" breed with excellent fleece and weight gains; Ewes have less lambing difficulties with less death of offspring and ewe as a result.     EASE OF CARE Well developed flocking instinct to band together in open areas Easy to handle in yards, chutes and sorting facilities Resistance to internal parasites and disease Grazing animals needing minimal labor. This equals less input of labor and capital, less health expenses resulting in more profits!  JUST THE FACTS Mature rams weigh about 250-300 lbs. Mature ewes weigh about 200-275 lbs. Lifespan can be upwards of 10-12 years*. The average ewe will have 1-2 lambs per birth* The average ewe may lamb more than once per year* Mature ewe fleece will weigh 8 to 18 lbs. with a yield of 35-55% .   * These results occur if under a carefully planned management program.  VERSATILITY OF THE RAMBOUILLET Meat - Wool - Breeding - Youth Projects - Showing   To assure breeders of their Rambouillet ram's performance, an annual central performance test has been continued at the Sonora Station in Sonora, Texas since 1948. This and other test stations across the U.S. show the superior genetic performance of Rambouillet stock.

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American Sheep Industry


SD  State Fair - Huron, SD

Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2019


Art in the Barn Fleece & Fiber Festival

Sturgis, SD  -  June 2019

SD Sheep Growers 

SDSGA Premium Ewe Sale

July  2019 - 2 pm

Magness Livestock Auction

Huron, SD

SDSGA Annual Convention

Spearfish, SD 

Sept 27-28, 2019



Dakota Ram Test - Hettinger, ND

Open House & Sale - 

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National Show and Sale

 July 10-13,2019

County Fairgrounds

Pipestone, MN

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